Source code for dkube.sdk.rsrcs.ide

from __future__ import print_function

import json
import sys
import time
from pprint import pprint

from dkube.sdk.internal import dkube_api
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.config_file_model import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.custom_container_model import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.custom_container_model_image import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.custom_kv_model import CustomKVModel
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.dkube_container_model import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.dkube_container_model_framework import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.dkube_container_model_framework_details import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.ds_job_model import DSJobModel
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.ds_job_model_executor import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.ds_job_model_hptuning import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.ds_job_model_hyperparams import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.job_datum_model import JobDatumModel
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.job_datum_model_workspace import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.job_input_datum_model import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.job_model import JobModel
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.job_model_parameters import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.job_model_parameters_run import \
from import ApiException

from .util import *

[docs]class DkubeIDE(object): """ This class defines DKube IDE with helper functions to set properties of IDE.:: from dkube.sdk import * ide = DkubeIDE("oneconv", name="ide") Where first argument is the user of the IDE. User should be a valid onboarded user in dkube. """ def __init__(self, user, name=generate('notebook'), description='', tags=[]): self.repo = JobInputDatumModel # class assignment, caller creates objects self.dkube_framework_details = DkubeContainerModelFrameworkDetails( version='v1.14') self.executor_dkube_framework = DkubeContainerModelFramework( choice='tensorflow', details=self.dkube_framework_details) self.executor_dkube = DkubeContainerModel( framework=self.executor_dkube_framework) self.custom_container = CustomContainerModelImage( path='', username=None, password=None, runas=None) self.executor_custom = CustomContainerModel( image=self.custom_container) self.executor_def = DSJobModelExecutor( choice='dkube', dkube=self.executor_dkube, custom=self.executor_custom) self.input_project_data = JobInputDatumModel( name=None, version=None, mountpath=None) self.input_project = JobDatumModelWorkspace( data=self.input_project_data, script=None) self.output_models = [] self.input_datasets = [] self.input_datums = JobDatumModel( workspace=self.input_project, datasets=self.input_datasets, outputs=self.output_models) self.customkv = CustomKVModel() self.configfile = ConfigFileModel() self.customenv = [] self.hyperparameters = DSJobModelHyperparams( file=self.configfile, custom=self.customenv) self.hptuning = DSJobModelHptuning() self.notebook_def = DSJobModel(executor=self.executor_def, datums=self.input_datums, rdma=False, hyperparams=self.hyperparameters, hptuning=self.hptuning) self.run_def = JobModelParametersRun(template=None, group='default') self.job_parameters = JobModelParameters( _class='notebook', notebook=self.notebook_def, run=self.run_def) self.job = JobModel(name=None, parameters=self.job_parameters) self.update_basic(user, name, description, tags)
[docs] def update_basic(self, user, name, description, tags): """ Method to update the attributes specified at creation. Description and tags can be updated. tags is a list of string values. """ tags = list_of_strs(tags) self.user = user = name = name self.job.description = description self.notebook_def.tags = tags # Defaults self.dkube_framework_details.version = '1.14' self.executor_def.custom = None self.input_project.script = 'python' return self
[docs] def update_group(self, group='default'): """ Method to update the group to place the IDE. """ = group
[docs] def update_container(self, framework="custom", image_url="", login_uname="", login_pswd=""): """ Method to update the framework and image to use for the IDE. *Inputs* framework image_url url for the image repository |br| e.g, login_uname username to access the image repository login_pswd password to access the image repository """ framework = framework.lower() if framework == "custom": framework_str = "custom" version_str = "" else: framework_str = framework.split("_")[0] version_str = framework.split("_")[1] self.executor_dkube_framework.choice = framework_str self.dkube_framework_details.version = version_str self.dkube_framework_details.image = image_url self.dkube_framework_details.username = login_uname self.dkube_framework_details.password = login_pswd self.dkube_framework_details.private = False if login_uname != "": self.dkube_framework_details.private = True return self
def update_startupscript(self, startup_script=None): self.input_project.script = startup_script return self
[docs] def add_envvar(self, key, value): """ Method to add env variable for the IDE *Inputs* key Name of env variable value Value of env variable """ self.customenv.append(str(dict(key=value))) return self
[docs] def add_code(self, name, commitid=None): """ Method to update Code Repo for IDE *Inputs* name Name of Code Repo commitid commit id to retreive from code repository """ if ":" not in name: name = self.user + ':' + name = name self.input_project_data.version = commitid
[docs] def add_input_dataset(self, name, version=None, mountpath=None): """ Method to update Dataset Repo input for IDE *Inputs* name Name of Dataset Repo version Version (unique id) to use from Dataset mountpath Path at which the Dataset contents are made available in the IDE pod. For local Dataset, mountpath points to the contents of Dataset. For remote Dataset, mounpath contains the metadata for the Dataset. """ if ":" not in name: name = self.user + ':' + name repo = self.repo(name=name, version=version, mountpath=mountpath) self.input_datasets.append(repo)
[docs] def add_input_model(self, name, version=None, mountpath=None): """ Method to update Model Repo input for IDE *Inputs* name Name of Model Repo version Version (unique id) to use from Model mountpath Path at which the Model contents are made available in the IDE pod """ if ":" not in name: name = self.user + ':' + name repo = self.repo(name=name, version=version, mountpath=mountpath) self.input_models.append(repo)
def add_output_model(self, name, version=None, mountpath=None): name = self.user + ':' + name repo = self.repo(name=name, version=version, mountpath=mountpath) self.output_models.append(repo)
[docs] def update_config_file(self, name, body=None): """ Method to update config file for IDE *Inputs* name Name of config file body Config data which is made available as file with the specified name to the IDE under /mnt/dkube/config """ = name self.configfile.body = body
[docs] def update_hptuning(self, name, body=None): """ Method to update hyperparameter tuning file for IDE *Inputs* name Name of hyperparameter tuning file body Hyperparameter tuning data in yaml format which is made available as file with the specified name to the IDE pod under /mnt/dkube/config """ = name self.hptuning.body = body
[docs] def update_resources(self, cpus=None, mem=None, ngpus=0): """ Method to update resource requirements for IDE *Inputs* cpus Number of required cpus mem Memory requied in MB (TODO) gpus Number of required gpus """ self.notebook_def.ngpus = ngpus self.notebook_def.gpus_override = False