Source code for dkube.sdk.rsrcs.code

from __future__ import print_function

import sys
import time
from pprint import pprint

from dkube.sdk.internal import dkube_api
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.datum_model import DatumModel
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.git_access_credentials import \
from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api.models.git_access_info import GitAccessInfo
from import ApiException

from .util import *

[docs]class DkubeCode(object): """ This class defines the Dkube code with helper functions to set properties of code repo.:: from dkube.sdk import * mnist = DkubeCode("oneconv", name="mnist") Where first argument is the user of this code repo. User should be a valid onboarded user in dkube. """ GIT_ACCESS_OPTS = ["apikey", "sshkey", "password"] """ List of authentication options supported for git data source. :bash:`apikey` :- Github APIKey based authentication. This must have permission on the repo to clone and checkout. :bash:`sshkey` :- Git SSH key based authentication. :bash:`password` :- Standard username/password based. """ def __init__(self, user, name=generate("code"), tags=None): self.gitcreds = GitAccessCredentials( username=None, password=None, apikey=None, sshkey=None, private=False) self.gitaccess = GitAccessInfo( path=None, url=None, branch=None, credentials=self.gitcreds) self.datum = DatumModel(name=None, tags=None, _class='program', dvs=None, source='git', url=None, remote=False, gitaccess=self.gitaccess) self.update_basic(user, name, tags) self.extract = False def update_basic(self, user, name, tags): tags = list_of_strs(tags) self.user = user = name = name self.datum.tags = tags
[docs] def update_git_details(self, url, branch=None, authopt=GIT_ACCESS_OPTS[0], authval=None): """ Method to update the details of git datasource. *Inputs* url A valid Git URL. Following are considered as valid URLs. - CloneURL : - TreeURL : - BlobURL : - ZipURL : branch Valid branch of git repo. If not provided then **master** branch is used by default. authopt One of the valid option from **GIT_ACCESS_OPTS** authval Value corresponding to the authopt """ self.datum.url = url self.gitaccess.url = url self.gitaccess.branch = branch self.gitcreds.username = self.user if authopt == 'apikey': self.gitcreds.private = True self.gitcreds.apikey = authval elif authopt == 'password': self.gitcreds.private = True self.gitcreds.password = authval elif authopt == 'sshkey': self.gitcreds.private = True self.gitcreds.sshkey = authval