Source code for dkube.sdk.rsrcs.project

from dkube.sdk.internal.dkube_api import ProjectModel

[docs]class DkubeProject(ProjectModel): """This class defines the properties which can be set on the instance of DkubeProject. *Available in DKube Release: 2.2* *Properties* name name of the project description description of the project (Optional) image URL for the image thumbnail for this project (Optional) leaderboard set True to enable the leaderboard (default False) details Project details. this should be base64 encoded (Optional) eval_repo Dkube code repo name of eval repository eval_commit_id commit id of eval repository (Optional) eval_image Docker image to be used for evaluation (Optional) eval_script command to run for evaluating the submission eval_details Evaluation details. This should be base64 encoded (Optional) """ def __init__(self, name, **kwargs): super(DkubeProject, self).__init__(name, **kwargs)