DKube-Specific Steps for an Existing for EKS Cluster

This section describes the setup required to install DKube on an existing EKS cluster.


The versions of software must be consistent with the prerequisites at Prerequisites


DKube should be installed with an EKS optimized AMI. This includes the necessary packages for DKube installation. This is described in more detail at Create an AMI from an Amazon EC2 Instance

EKS Cluster Installation Files

When installing DKube on an existing EKS cluster, there are files required to set up the installation node and provide access to the EKS cluster.

The EKS preinstallation files are cloned from a GitHub repository.

git clone

Running the EKS Preinstallation Script

Navigate to the dkube-eks folder. Before running the preinstall script:

  • The [AWS] section of the terraform-eks.ini file needs to be completed to provide access to the EKS cluster

The following information needs to be completed in the terraform-eks.ini file:

  • aws_access_key_id

  • aws_secret_access_key

The rest of the fields are not used by the preinstall script, and can be left in their default state.

After running the preinstall script, the config file can be copied by including:

  • The region where the EKS cluster is running (e.g. us-west-2)

  • The EKS cluster name

The following commands will accomplish these steps:

bash source ~/.bashrc aws eks --region <EKS Region> update-kubeconfig --name <EKS Cluster Name>

DKube Installation

DKube is installed using Helm. Continue the installation at Installing DKube