Oct 06, 2023


During Installation, Access to Cluster System is Denied


During installation, certain commands (such as ssh) are denied for access reasons.


  • Try to run the same command in superuser mode by appending “sudo” to the start of the command

  • Ensure that the ssh key has been added to the right file, as described in Cluster Access

  • If the installation is performed from the master node in the cluster, ensure that the ssh key has been added to that node

  • Ensure that any special access steps have been performed for particular platforms

Problems Accessing DKube url


The DKube url is not accessible or not behaving properly.


  • The Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported. Please ensure that you are using one of these, and that it is up-to-date.

  • Ensure that the appropriate access has been provided to the cluster, as described in Cluster Access

  • Ensure that the Virtual Machines (VMs) that run DKube have been started. Contact your cluster administrator to determine if the VMs are active. If they need to be restarted, please wait at least 15 minutes after the restarting before accessing the url.

GPUs are Not Available on Master Node


GPUs are installed on the Master Node, but are not showing up in DKube.


The ability to schedule GPUs on the Master Node is an installation option. Check with the cluster Operator to determine if DKube was installed with this capability.

Users do Not Show up at On Boarding Screen


After adding users to the backend authorization organization, they do not show up when trying to on board them.


DKube does an initial download of users. In order to update the database, refresh the list by selecting the refresh icon on the on board screen.